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Sverresborg folk museum has both indoors and outdoors exhibitions. ​

Throughout the museum you find yourself gazing upon beautiful interior exhibitions both in the old city and out and about on the rural side.

In the museums main building we have a permanent exhibition called Images of life.

The old town

The museum’s old town is comprised of buildings that were originally located in downtown Trondheim, and offers a charming representation of  the wooden houses that have dominated the cityscape from the 18th century up until today. You can step into the oldest brick building in Trondheim, a construction set up from the original drawings. 

You can peruse the photographer studio, the local bank, dentist’s exhibition, the shoemaker’s workshop, the post office and the museum’s old grocery store, where you can buy sweets. To mention a few. 

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The rural departement

The exhibition  consists of farmsteads and houses surrounded by picturesque nature. The houses are all originally from the Trøndelag region. The stavechurch is for sure a treasure in our collection. 

Stroll from farmyard to farmyard and visit our open houses along the route. 

The museum also has a collection of five houses relating to the rich maritime culture in this region, which consists of everything from storage houses for boats and fishing equipment to modest boarding houses for fishermen.

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