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Welcome to The Folk Museum in Trondheim, Sverresborg!

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum is an open-air museum in picturesque surroundings based around the ruins of King Sverre’s Castle. Norway’s oldest medieval castle. 

In the urban section, you will experience images of life and exciting interiors from Trondheim’s fascinating history. From the 18th century to present day. 

The rural section enables you to stroll from farmyard to farmyard throughout Trøndelag, with the medieval Haltdalen stave church as the gem of the collection.

The walk to the top of the ruins of King Sverre’s once monumental medieval castle, offers wonderful views of Trondheim and, not least, an insight into an exciting slice of the city’s history. 

80 builidings on site, and more than 20 of these are open to the public. 

Kafè and Museum Shop. 

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Opening hours Easter 

Thursday March 28th -  Monday April 1st

11am – 3pm

Prices: adult 190NOK/student and senior 150NOK/children 0-15 y free

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