Summer at Sverresborg

Welcome to Sverresborg Trøndelag folk museum, the third largest open air museum in Norway.​

Situated in beautiful surroundings, rigth outside the city center of Trondheim, encircling the ruins of King Sverre's castle.

Summer program June 18th - August 21th


10.30 Feed our farm animals

11.00 Experience a day in the old school (only Saturdays and Sundays)

11.30 Guided tour of the open air museum

12.00 Folk tale theater

12.00 King Sverre`s Medieval Camp (from July 2nd)

13.30 The Nightman`s Apprentice

13.30 The American Dream

14.00 King Sverre`s Medieval Camp

14.30 Guided tour of the open air museum

14.30 Folk tale theater (from July 2nd)

15.00 Upstairs and downstairs – seeking servants

15.30 Visit our stave church Haltdalen

16.00: Guided tour of Adolf Øien`s stately appartement

16:00 Feed our farm animals

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