Reindeer husbandry in black and white

The stories contained in Nils Thomasson’s photos

The photography exhibition opens June 23th at 13.00.

Available til December 31th 2019.

Nils Thomasson’s photographic heritage was transferred to the Jamtli Foundation which currently manages the well over 30,000 negatives, rich in stories, not in the least stories about Sami life in Nils Thomasson’s age. In connection with Staare2018, the celebration of the first Sami national meeting in Sweden in 1918, Nils and Lucia Thomasson’s family, together with Jamtli amd Saemien Sijte in Snåsa, has chosen to celebrate the occasion with an exhibition of Nils Thomasson’s photos.

Thomasson’s considerable photographic heritage requires that a selection is made, and this time, we have chosen to use reindeer husbandry as our starting point. Nils Thomasson owned reindeer himself and took part in the work with the animals. Therefore, he well knew the motifs he photographed. The exhibition presents work inside the reindeer fence such as calf marking and milking, reindeer in the mountains and the everyday life of the reindeer herdsman with collection, migration, rests and more. Reindeer must be looked after, and for the reindeer herdsman, predators are a part of everyday life; therefore, it could be necessary to bring along a rifle.

Reindeer husbandry constitutes a part of the families’ lives and the children help out in the work and learn at an early stage how the work is to be done. Therefore, the exhibition also includes a slide show presenting a selection of all the photos that Nils Thomasson has taken of children; children playing reindeer games, children as reindeer herders and guards and pupils in nomadic schools.