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Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum is an open air museum with more than 80 historical buildings, several indoor exhibitions, and two restaurants. Our main mission as a museum is to tell a good story.

Getting here


Our visiting address is Sverresborg Allé 13, 7020 Trondheim. (View map)
If you want to go by bus, you can take line no. 18, marked «Havstad» from downtown Trondheim, or line no. 8 marked «Stavset».
If you’re driving to the museum, just follow the traffic signs from E6 or the city centre. Parking is available by the main entrance.

Group activities


From June 15th to August 15th, the museum is really bustling with life. In the open air part of the museum you will meet our knowledgeable guides who can tell you about the buildings and answer any questions you might have. At Nesset farm there are actors in costume, giving you a slice of how life was for the average Norwegian in 1906. You can also take a stroll in the old town and stop by the old grocery store, or visit our many houses and milieus in the rural department. We also offer private guided tours, which you can book by e-mailing booking@sverresborg.no.



Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum has four main exhibitions. Our permanent indoor exhibition is called «Images of Life», and is located in the main building. The exhibition chronicles everyday life in this region for the last 150 years, and is open all year.
The ski museum and phone exhibition is also open.

Summer season June 13th –  August 31th: Includes entrance, exhibitions and activities in the open air museum.
Adult NOK 150,-.
Children NOK free entrance,-.
Senior/student NOK 110,-.
Family NOK 375,-.
A family ticket includes maksimum 2 adults and 3 children between the age of 5 and 15 year. Children under age 5 year is free.

Winter season August 31 th – June 12th: Includes entrance, exhibitions and activities in the open air museum.
Adult NOK 110,-.
Children NOK free entrance,-.
Senior/student NOK 90,-.
Family NOK 275,-.
A family ticket includes maksimum 2 adults and 3 children between the age of 5 and 15 year. Children under age 5 year is free.

The open air museum

The castle ruins

borgen 2

The ruins of King Sverre’s castle, which date as far back as 1183, are located at the very heart of the museum. Here you can hear the fascinating story about King Sverre and his rise to power, and enjoy the unparalleled view over both Trondheim and the Trondheimsfjord.

– The old town


The museum’s old town is comprised of buildings that were originally located in downtown Trondheim, and offers a charming representation of the wooden houses that have dominated the cityscape from the 18th century up until today. Here you can peruse the dentist’s exhibition, the shoemaker’s workshop, the post office and the museum’s old grocery store, where you can buy sweets and a cup of coffee.

– The rural department


The museum’s rural department is located around the ruins of the castle, and consists of farmsteads and houses surrounded by picturesque nature. The houses are all originally from the Trøndelag region.
The museum also has a collection of five houses relating to the rich maritime culture in this region, which consists of everything from storage houses for boats and fishing equipment to modest boarding houses for fishermen. In our rural department you will also find our Sami collection, the Haltdalen stave church, the Lo church and the old school.

For children


From June 15th to August 15th we offer exciting activities for children every day, and we also have animals such as goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and rabbits. On Sundays we offer rides on the old tractor Gråtass. We also host concerts and plays suitable for children on a regular basis.

The Tavern restaurant and Borgstua

Bred 2

The Tavern restaurant dates as far back 1739, and has a rich history of serving wholesome and traditional Norwegian cuisine.

In the main building you will find cafe Borgstua, where you can buy a cup of coffee, light lunches, and tasty treats such cinnamon buns and waffles.

Gift Shop – museum store

Hest 1 _DMM0309

Our museum shop is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or two from the museum, and to buy unique gifts.


The history of Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum


Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum is the 3rd largest cultural history museum in Norway, and has an impressive collection of houses, artifacts and photos. There are more than 80 historical buildings on the site, which all display building techniques particular to the Trøndelag region. The stave church from Haltdalen is the oldest building here at the museum, and dates as far back as 1170 A.D.

Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum was founded in 1909 by a group of enthusiastic citizens from Trondheim who wanted to preserve old and distinct buildings from the city. The location around the ruins of King Sverre’s castle was utilized from 1914 on, and today the area spans more than 70 acres. Trøndelag Folk Museum is also responsible for running other museums in the region, such as Trondheim Maritime Museum and Meldal Rural Museum, and the regional conservator for the Selbu and Malvik area is also affiliated with the museum.
Our collections

The artifacts and objects that people have surrounded themselves with throughout the times are not simply a testament to the evolution of technology, but expressions of people’s thoughts, opinions and way of life. Through these artifacts, we can learn about how people lived and worked, what they thought about, and what they considered important.
The museum has a collection of over 300,00 artifacts, and 5000 of these are at any given time available to the public. They can be found both in the rural department or in permanent or seasonal exhibitions. We also regularly publish pictures and information about objects from our collections online at digitaltmuseum.no.