Summer at Sverresborg

Welcome to Sverresborg Trøndelag folk museum - one of Norway's largest open air museums, situated in beautiful nature surroundings encircling the ruins of King Sverre's castle.

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Our experienced guides look forward to provide you with an unforgettable experience of Norwegian culture and tradition. 

Discover Trondheim's history from the 1700s till today in the Old Town. Meet some of the people who lived here in the old days, visit their homes, offices, workshops and businesses. Enjoy the atmosphere in the old town square, or the peaceful quiet in the lovely herbal garden behind the apothecary.

In the country side, we recommend a visit to Oppdalstunet, with its beautiful timber buildings and lavishly decorated intertior. Waiting for you here are experiences of celebration and everyday life on a farm from the 1800s; traditional crafts, food samples and possibly a dance or two!

The open-air museum har yet more to offer for those who have some additional time to spare; buildings, cultural landscape, the viewpoint from the castle ruins, and the jewel of the open-air museum: the Stave church from Haltdalen.

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Daily summer program and acitivities:

Visit the family living on the farm Nesset and experience farmlife the way it used to be at the start of the 1900s. This is where you will find the animals; pigs, goats, hens, cows and rabbits. A play-stable is available for young visitors. 

Knowledgeable guides wish you welcome to the pearls of the museum; The farm from Oppdal, the Stave Church and the coastal section. 

Breakfast at Nesset! Do you know what pigs eat for breakfast og what type of sound the cow makes when it eats? Come along and take a look whilst the animals are fed. 

Promenade theatre in the countryside: «The Searching Sheriff».
The cured ham has disappeared from the farm Nesset! Help the sheriff look for the missing ham and find the penetrator. 

Norwegian and Sami folk tales. Storytelling-time for children and adults in the Coastal section. 

Birkebeinerne attack!
Meet the daughter or son of King Sverre and shoot with a bow and arrow, make your own coins and leard how to fight with a sword. 

Promenade theatre in the Old City. 
Was there ice cream in the 1700s? Was the food in Trondheim literally covered in gold during the city's «golden era»? Meet one of the upper-class citizens of Trondheim and discover what one ate 300 years ago. 
For children and adults. Meet outside the Hans Nissen house.